Spotlight Sessions

A more affordable way to meet your ongoing video production needs.

What is a Spotlight Session?

Spotlights are themed sessions that can be booked in 30 to 45 min slots, offering a highly cost-effective way to capture a stunning video of your performance in an aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

What does this mean for the artists?
Today’s world needs consistency of media posting to establish a fan base. Content creators often struggle to put together such high quality content on a regular basis.

If that’s your story, Spotlight Sessions are the right option for you!

Instead of having an artist bear the cost of an entire session, Spotlight Sessions are themed stage, light and camera arrangements that can cater to the needs of multiple artists on a single day – thereby making it affordable for you as the artist and time-efficient for us as the studio.


Rules and Regulations

What is your refund policy?

The price for a spotlight session is non refundable. However, if you contact us at least 48 hours in advance of the session, the money can be saved on file towards a future session.

How much time do I get for my shoot?

The session is scheduled for 30 – 40 minutes which includes set up, the actual shoot and packing up so that we can be on time for the next artist’s slot.

How long can my performance be?

You can perform up to 5 min in total during each spotlight session. This can be broken into multiple smaller segments if you wish as long as the total does not exceed 5 min in total duration.

How many performances can I do?

You can perform as many segments as you wish as long as the total duration is under 5 min in total cumulative duration. Just keep in mind the more stops and starts we make we lose time for retakes. We will work together to plan your time to make the most.

How many retakes do I get?

If you are well prepared we should be able to get up to 3 takes of your performance. The more we stop and restart we lose time. We will work together to plan your session effectively.

How many camera angles will be set up?

Depending on the type of spotlight the number of cameras and angles captures vary from 3 to 6 angles.

What is included for my session slot ticket price?

For the session slot price you get access to top of the line video production for the duration of your selected slot. This includes the stage, lights, cameras and ambiance designed for the spotlight session. We will email you a link to download your raw unedited footage within 3 business days.

What is the video editing add on?

You may choose to add on video editing to your order. Each add one pays for a single video edit that will be edited and delivered to you via a download link within 1 week of your performance.

What if I arrive late?

Spotlight sessions are designed to run on a very tight schedule and require you to arrive 10 mins in advance of your slot. Any delay beyond 10 minutes of your slot start time will have to be deemed a “no show” and we will not be able to capture your performance