Verge Studios Seattle, WA

Verge Studios, established in 2014 by George Varghese, provides artists with a welcoming and affordable approach to create professional quality audio and video production in an artistically friendly and conducive environment. Verge Studios offers full service audio and video mixing and editing, ready to share with the world.

We maintain high quality audio and video recording equipment, friendly and skillful staff that knows how to put them to use, and a clean and inviting space that feels like home so that you can focus on what you do best.

We provide you with everything you need to record and release your music to your fans. Whether you are a beginning songwriter and need help polishing your lyrics and arrangement or a veteran musician, we’ll work together to bring your music to life. We are experienced producers and engineers and will expertly record all instruments and vocals, mix and master your song so it’s ready for your fans. Once the audio is mixed, we cut a multi-camera edit of your performance.

George Varghese

Founder ~ Producer ~ Engineer ~ Artist

George Varghese is an award winning artist and producer from India, now based in Seattle.

As a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has captivated audiences with his innovative style of playing instrumental rock showcasing his technical finesse on the guitar through the melody, drama and emotional journey of his compositions.

George is not just a musician. He founded Verge Studios in the year 2014, which opened its doors to the public in January 2017 where he produces a wide range of music for artists around the world. Verge Studios specializes in music and production lessons, recording, mixing and mastering, stage lighting and videography services for dancers and musicians.

George has self produced two albums “Out of the Dark” and “Back in Time” and has performed numerous shows and concerts across India and the US since the early 90’s. He is currently working on a new album excited to get back to the stage with his band.

He continues to write and produce music for singer/songwriters through Verge Studios where he offers professional audio and video production services for seasoned artists and a helping hand to budding talents. He is committed for this to be a platform to launch future stars in the music world.

Over the last 3 years George has worked with 126 artists and released 278 audio & video productions through Verge Studios. His productions have won prestigious awards including the John Lennon Grand 2019 Grand Prize, 2020 UK Songwriting contest, 2019 International Songwriter Competition, 2020 unsigned Only music competition, Multiple Global Music Awards for songs and music videos, Akademia Awards for multiple songs, and more.

George has been an active member of the Recording Academy since 2015 and looks forward to contributing to the music community with his vision to create a platform for artists to showcase their creativity and talents, to make their dreams a reality and bring their art to life.